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MarTech News by Magnus Attefall
MarTech News by Magnus Attefall

If you can’t accurately attribute each lead to the campaign it came from, then you’re not able to understand what’s working and what isn’t. This makes it very hard to get the ROI of your marketing efforts.
Fortunately, there are solutions to these issues and in this blog post, we’ll outline them.

While gathering feedback is important, it is not enough. You cannot only collect feedback and then let it sit in your database. You have to act on it. Moreover, you have to make your actions known to customers.

SEO content briefs are the heart and soul of content marketing. From cost savings to rankings, learn what they can do for your content team and how to make them better.

ChatGPT is creating ripples across the digital landscape right now. Here are five ways it can benefit your ads, campaigns and marketing strategies.

Automation has leveled much of the PPC playing field. Here’s how to differentiate your paid search and social campaigns with great messaging.

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