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MarTech News by Magnus Attefall
MarTech News by Magnus Attefall

Improve your content with the 20 best Content Marketing tools. Write better, reach more users, and drive better results with content.

A lot of promotional advice recommends pouring money into ads on Facebook, Instagram, or Google. But you can’t put all your eggs in the advertising basket—diversification is key to avoiding diminishing returns over time.
This guide walks you through 25 ways to promote your business, complete with examples and resources for getting started.

Stay ahead of changing regulations and consumer sentiment with these privacy-centric solutions for marketers.

Our AI-powered platform makes it ridiculously easy to get more out of your content.

Here’s a rough itinerary I followed in my first 12 weeks at Dock. If you’re in a new Content Lead role yourself, you can use my pace as a benchmark.

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