WCAG, Accessibility, DevTools, Customer-Centric Landing Pages…

  • This article will demonstrate some useful features in DevTools which can help you improve the accessibility of your website. For many websites, things like performance and accessibility are an afterthought. But as web developers, it’s best to strive to create the best possible experience we can for our users, regardless of their abilities.

  • SEO is an ever-changing world. Blink and you’ll miss the latest best practices, thought leaders, and tools. Feeling out of touch is natural. This guide is your way back into the groove, baby.

  • If an authoritative website links to yours, it can significantly boost your ranking in Google search. And this is why backlinks are so highly sought after in marketing… and why web designers should have this on their radar as they design websites for clients.

  • Customer needs should be one of the primary considerations when designing a website or landing page. In this article, Travis Jamison explains why customer-centricity is so important and how you can apply it to almost every business decision that you make.

  • There is an alternative to corporate bubbles online — it’s called the IndieWeb. Build your own personal websites, control your online presence, and learn on your own terms.

  • This article teaches developers who have nothing but a basic understanding of design tools everything they need to know to work with Figma.

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