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MarTech News by Magnus Attefall
MarTech News by Magnus Attefall
  • In this third and final piece, we are going to explore more techniques using the CSS outline property.

  • To capitalize on the trend toward individuals, they need to collaborate with creators or communities. Marketing through people is channel agnostic. It doesn’t matter if TikTok eats Meta’s, Youtube’s, and Alphabet’s lunch for breakfast.

  • Monitoring SEO health and performance is crucial for understanding what strategies and tactics are working, pinpointing where problems may arise, and communicating ROI to executive teams and decision-makers.

  • Writing without data is like driving with a blindfold over your eyes. You’re using guesswork to choose topics and write content but it doesn’t hit the mark or achieve ROI, because it’s not based on data.

  • Among the super simple things that they teach in journalism school there is the super simplest thing of all. It’s called the inverted pyramid, aka the upside down triangle.

  • Productive Meeting Assistant for Internal and Client Calls. For internal and client meetings — automate joining, recording, and note-taking with smart

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