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Mobile E-commerce Website, E-commerce Search, UX Design…

» Mobile E-commer Website, E-commerce Search, UX Design...

Digital & Marketing News by Attefall Magnus

  • The O’Neill Clothing store had a nearly 600% revenue increase from going responsive, and Skinny Ties saw a 377.6% increase in revenue for iPhones after going responsive as well. Even Think Tank Photo’s transactions on smartphones and tablets increased by more than 96%… go figure!

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  • We’ve boiled our findings down to 60 usability guidelines for e-commerce search design and logic. Based on these findings, we’ve benchmarked the search experience of the 50 top-grossing US e-commerce websites, rating each website across all 60 search usability parameters. In this article, we’ll present some of the findings from this vast research data set and explore the state of e-commerce search.

    tags:e-commerce search usability UX UI

  • Does this title make you skeptical? I would have been too before I saw the research that led to this article. Ask anyone and they’ll tell you that carousels are an anti-pattern. Don’t use them. But maybe it’s not so cut and dry.

    tags:carousel mobile e-commerce

  • In this article, we will analyze four indicators that help you understand user behavior. Then, we’ll advise you how to use those insights to boost the conversion rates and improve the overall effectiveness of your site.

    tags:user behavior

  • If the radio buttons are used only to affect how a command is performed, it is often better to present the command variations instead. Doing so allows users to choose the right command with a single interaction.

    tags:UX radio button radio button

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