CDP implementation, Email marketing, CSS Custom Properties…

  • Implementing a CDP can reportedly have many benefits for marketers, including improving D2C campaigns, but what is the benefit for marketing operations?

  • As marketers know, the universe of martech is vastly expanding as there are now more than 8,000 solutions available. But while all of that tech creates a host of ways to engage with your customers, that doesn’t mean you should overdo it.

  • While email open rates increased from February to April, one of the top lessons learned from the COVID outbreak is that email marketing campaigns’ data hygiene and upkeep needs to be done on a continuing basis and not relegated to an annual or quarterly, or even monthly task.

  • Whether you’re a business searching for leads in the desert or possibly overwhelmed by leads (if for example you’re selling something which supports remote working), an ABM strategy has never been more important.

  • Pinterest is introducing new ways to shop from pins, on pinboards, and in search results. It has announced new features that include shopping features, shop from boards and through the ‘shop’ tab.

  • In this article, Artur Basak introduces a modern approach on how to set up CSS Custom Properties that respond to the application colors. The idea of dividing colors into three levels can be quite useful: a palette (or scheme), functional colors (or theme), and component colors (local scope).

  • There’s a reason why Google dominates market share for things like search engines, web browsers, email clients and cloud storage services. It knows exactly what consumers want and it has designed simple, intuitive, and useful solutions for them. If there’s one company whose product features you should be mirroring, it’s Google.

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