Solution – Iphone 5 not working with iOS 8.0.2

Iphone 5 not working with iOS 8.0.2

If your Iphone 5 is not working – like not be able to hear when calling –  with iOS 8.0.2 do this: 

1. Backup your settings to iCloud

2. Erase the phone: Settings – General – Reset – Erase all Content and Settings
Swedish: Inställningar – Allmänt – Nollställ – Radera allt innehåll och inst.

3. When you start the Iphone again you log in with your Apple-ID and connect to your iCloud account

Done. I hope. 🙂

UPDATE 2014-10-23 – iOS 8.1 failing: Nothing above worked for me until I erased and re-installed iOS from iTunes.

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